Spending Bitcoin Anonymously With Low Fees Per Purchase

The conventional concept of Bitcoin was to create a monetary system that did not rely on third-party regulators and one that was untraceable. But in reality, your Bitcoin transactions aren’t anonymous.

All transactions usually made using Bitcoin are stored on a public ledger. If anyone wanted to discern your identity, all they would need is to figure out your Bitcoin wallet address. But there are ways you can still spend Bitcoin anonymously, even with a highly limited card. Read on to find out!

Low Fees


How to Spend Bitcoin Anonymously with a Bitcoin Card?

The most significant benefit of having a Bitcoin card is that you can use them without providing identification. You can use them at dedicated Bitcoin ATMs around your location to withdraw fiat money. Some Bitcoin card services can also issue cards without demanding sensitive personal information. This way, you can use your new card anywhere to spend Bitcoin anonymously, knowing that no one can trace it back to your real self.

One thing to note is that these services will demand fees for any purchases or transactions you make using their issued cards. Looking for cards with lower fees or a lower commission rate for each purchase is best.


Top Bitcoin Cards with Low Fees Per Purchase

To assist you in your search, look at some of the most popular Bitcoin cards with much lower fees per purchase.

1.   PlasBit

First on our list is PlasBit, one of the most secure for anonymous Bitcoin spending and one with extremely low processing fees per purchase. Usually, loading your Plasbit card from your Plasbit wallet will lead to a 5% transaction fee but unloading your cryptocurrency to your wallet is generally accessible. As for transfers with Plasbit, they charge extremely low fees deducted in addition to your transfer amount.


2.   BlockCard

BlockCard is a good choice if you seek a debit card with little to no deposit, exchange, or withdrawal fees. It was initially developed by Unbanked (formerly called Ternio). It allows users to use the card to make purchases wherever a Visa card is accepted. In return, it doesn’t charge any deposits, exchanges, or withdrawal fees.

However, it does take around $3 for local ATM cash withdrawals. It further changes a monthly fee of just $5, which is waived if a cardholder spends more than $750 in noncash transactions per month.


3.   Swipe Visa card

Next on our list is Swipe, a service that issues virtual and physical cards for you to spend on cryptocurrency. Swipe standard cards usually take a 2.5% processing fee for every purchase, whereas the premium card will only take a 1% processing fee. You can get anywhere from 1%-5% cash back for shopping on services such as Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Starbucks, Uber, or Airbnb.


Final Thoughts!

To spend Bitcoin anonymously, you must first purchase a quality, secure, low-fee Bitcoin card. The right Bitcoin card will allow you to make purchases and transfer funds with little to no fees while keeping your funds and identity secure. Plasbit is our recommended choice for Bitcoin debit cards for this very reason. It combines complete anonymity with secure crypto transfers and low transaction fees, making it a worthy choice!