Spending Bitcoin Anonymously With A High Limits Card

The conventional concept of Bitcoin was to create a monetary system that did not rely on third-party regulators and one that was untraceable. But in reality, your Bitcoin transactions aren’t anonymous.

All transactions usually made using Bitcoin are stored on a public ledger. If anyone wanted to discern your identity, all they would need is to figure out your Bitcoin wallet address. But there are ways you can still spend Bitcoin anonymously, even with a highly limited card. Read on to find out!

High Limits Card

What Is A High Limited Card?

A high-limited debit card is one whose upper spending limit is much higher than other average cards. One of the biggest hindrances in spending cryptocurrency can be the high limits placed on debit cards. There are limits to the amount of money you can store and use on a debit card. A high-limits card is one whose spending limits are up to 100,000$, for example, so that you can add or spend your money with peace of mind.


How Does A High Limits Card Work?

A high-limit card will work like any other debit card. You can use it to carry out transactions online or in person. You can also use it at ATMs to withdraw cash and use it for your daily purchases. You will also find many high-limit debit cards that support cryptocurrency, but only a few are reliable and safe such as PlasBit. Moreover, plenty of cryptocurrency high-limit card vendors also provide solutions that will help conceal your identity while making transactions.


How to Register for a High-Limit Card to Spend Bitcoin Anonymously?

Unlike traditional banking systems that require you to submit sensitive information before opening an account and issuing a debit card, a cryptocurrency card won’t need such formalities. Here let’s take the example of PlasBit, a cryptocurrency card vendor.

Here is how you can apply for a PlasBit high-limit crypto debit card and spend Bitcoin anonymously:

  1. First, sign into your vendor’s platform. For PlasBit, visit plasbit.com so you can register a new account.
  2. After signing in, you must request a new cryptocurrency wallet. Your high-limit card must be connected to a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your Bitcoins.
  3. Services such as PlasBit keep tight security, so your cryptocurrency wallet is always protected, and your identity is never traced.
  4. After you transfer your cryptocurrency into your plasbit wallet, you can apply for a new card. For example, PlasBit offers three tiers of cards you can use for. The PlasBit Metal, in particular, will allow an upper load of $100,000 per day from your cryptocurrency wallet.
  5. That’s all! Once you receive your debit card, you can carry out transactions while keeping your identity anonymous.


Ways You Can Use A High-Limit Card

There are many ways you can use a card with high limits to spend Bitcoin anonymously. The most common methods include the following:

  1. Use an ATM since you do not need to show your ID or share sensitive information to conduct transactions.
  2. Deploy a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while conducting transactions online.
  3. Use a Bitcoin mixer so that even when spending Bitcoins, no one can trace them back to their original owner.


Final Thoughts

If you have a high-limit card, there are several ways you can spend Bitcoin anonymously. You can use any of the methods described above to hide your identity. If you are looking for a legit, reliable, and safe high-limit debit card that supports cryptocurrency, check out the cards Plasbit offers.