Spend Bitcoin Anonymously With An Anonymous Wallet


Users have quickly adopted cryptocurrency worldwide over the past few years. One of the biggest reasons behind its growth is that people want to own assets without having to depend on third-party regulations, as is the case with real-world financial markets. But apart from this, they want to be able to send and receive funds anonymously.


Sure, there is some level of anonymity associated with cryptocurrency since you can transact namelessly through a crypto address without revealing your identity. But in reality, your real identity can be linked to your address. Luckily, you can spend Bitcoin anonymously with the help of an anonymous wallet.




What Is An Anonymous Wallet?

In essence, Bitcoin transactions are only anonymous if you take measures to protect your identity. Getting an anonymous wallet can be a good start if you want to spend Bitcoin anonymously. An anonymous cryptocurrency wallet is a type of digital wallet that will allow you to protect your identity while carrying out Bitcoin or other crypto transactions.


Essentially, it will protect your address from being known when you carry out transactions so your identity cannot be linked to them. The best cryptocurrency wallets won’t have you offer any personal information to them while signing up for their services.

How To Spend Bitcoin Anonymously With A Bitcoin Wallet?

You can spend or exchange your crypto funds if you have a Bitcoin wallet and store cryptocurrency.
Here are three methods you can use:

1. Use a Bitcoin Debit Card 

To start spending Bitcoin from your anonymous wallet, you must connect it to a Bitcoin debit card. Reliable anonymous bitcoin wallet services will also provide virtual Debit cards or plastic cards you can use after linking them to your crypto wallet. These cards are issued without any need for identity verification, meaning you won’t have to share any information that could link you to your real identity.


2. Use an ATM

Many states now have cryptocurrency ATMs you can use to access your cryptocurrency funds. But to use a Bitcoin ATM, you must connect your digital wallet to facilitate the transaction. Anonymous Bitcoin wallets can be used here to link you to a Bitcoin ATM so you can access your funds at any time, anonymously!


3. Use a VPN

You further want to take steps that can keep your identity secret while performing transactions online. The best method is to use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. This will allow you to send and receive data while protecting your privacy online. It will enable you to hide your IP address and encrypt network traffic, so your activity remains anonymous.


Final Thoughts!

An anonymous Bitcoin wallet can be handy if you want to protect your identity and spend Bitcoin anonymously. If you seek reliable crypto wallet services, try out Plasbit. Plasbit offers secure cryptocurrency wallet services that protect your assets, allow you to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and safeguard your private keys at all times.