Spend Bitcoin Anonymously on Websites

Even with its volatility and changing prices, we can all agree that transactions with Bitcoin are more accessible. They have lesser intermediaries and improved efficiency. Especially these days when everyone prefers cashless transactions, efficiency can save you a few minutes to a few hours of network problems. What better way to transact cashless and with Bitcoin than with crypto debit cards? These crypto debit cards work just like your traditional debit cards. You can use it to make payments at any merchant that accepts cards, and your crypto gets converted to fiat at the point of sale; your cryptocurrency platform usually handles these conversions. Of course, you can also use these cards to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites. Mainly because as you are transacting with Bitcoin, you don’t have to input some personal information. This article will get to that and more on how you can spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites.

Spending Bitcoin on Websites

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered the future of assets and money. Investors are looking to collect and hold them because, over time, there is a prospect of the prices surging and earning them a fortune. Then there are individuals like us who want to enjoy seamless spending, away from the ever-changing monetary policies and the constant inflations hitting our traditional currencies. Opting for crypto debit cards is a good option if you prefer financial freedom. You are not limited by currencies when transacting online with Bitcoin or spending Bitcoin on websites. Upon payment confirmation, your crypto exchange platform will handle the conversion into any currency the website supports.

How Can You Spend Bitcoin?

More and more individuals and businesses see the value of Bitcoin and begin accepting it as a form of payment. You can use your Bitcoin to purchase countless items and services worldwide. Talk about buying physical goods from online retailers, buying gift cards, paying for travel and accommodations online, purchasing digital goods and services, for example, games, ebooks, online courses, etc., paying for food deliveries or even in the restaurant, some subscription services now accept Bitcoin in fact and let not forget those TVs that also take Bitcoin. There is much use for your Bitcoin online, and it is almost no different from the traditional use of debit or credit cards, except you pay by transacting Bitcoin. Here are some steps to spending Bitcoin online:

Step 1. Choose a Merchant

You already know what you want to purchase. Next, you determine which merchants provide the goods/service and accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You can opt for popular and well-known merchants, as this will reduce the risk of fraud. Then add the goods or request the service.

Step 2. Payment

Proceed to checkout the goods or services you have requested. Select Bitcoin as your payment method, and the website should provide you with the address you should pay to and the amount to pay. Open your Bitcoin wallet, and enter the Bitcoin address and the amount. Take caution when inputting these, as Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

Step 3. Confirm Payment

Confirm the payment when you have confirmed that the address and the amount you are sending are as it should be. Then wait for Bitcoin to approve the transaction on your and the merchant’s end. After all confirmations, you can expect your requested goods/services to be delivered.

Having gone through the general knowledge you should have when transacting with Bitcoin online, how do you spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites?


How to Spend Bitcoin Anonymously on Websites

There have been countless debates among crypto enthusiasts about whether you can spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites because Bitcoin is decentralized and not controlled by any central authority; the users are the authorities. A Bitcoin transaction typically contains the sender and receiver’s address and the quantity of Bitcoin being transacted; this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, except the sender and receiver’s addresses will contain their IP address which malicious individuals can use to trace them, coupled with the fact that all transactions are available to be viewed by other users on the blockchain. The good thing is that it is only IP; as long as you don’t have any additional personal information linked to the transaction, you are anonymous. How do you do this? Here are some of the recommended strategies to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites.

Use Privacy-focused Wallets

It is not news that there are countless cryptocurrency wallets out there, and they all perform the simple task of helping you hold your wallet. The security of your funds then lies in the hands of the exchange platform. However, to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites, you must utilize privacy-focused wallets. They cater to the security of your funds and secure your identity whenever you make a transaction.

Use a New Bitcoin Address

Some privacy-focused wallets have this built-in IP changer that changes your addresses for every transaction. Bitcoin runs on a public ledger where all transactions are visible to everyone on the blockchain. Using a new address will make it even harder for you to be identified through your transactions. If you do not use a privacy-focused wallet, you can only manually change the address every time.

Use Tor or VPNs

This is one of the most common ways to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites. By now, we all know addresses on Bitcoin transactions contain your IP address; however, this can be quickly taken care of when you use a Tor browser or a VPN when making your transactions. Again, specific privacy-focused wallets have built-in Tor or VPN for clients to spend Bitcoin anonymously.

Avoid KYC-required Exchanges

If you want to spend Bitcoin anonymously online, avoid platforms with extensive KYC. However, note that exchange platforms will only let you use their website with some registration, known as KYC. So keep an eye out for those that try to entice you without any form of KYC.

Employ the Use of CoinJoin Services

CoinJoin services are a type of strategy to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites. It is a process of coin mixing or tumbling, a peak privacy-enhancing technique for obscuring Bitcoin transactions. It involves combining different users’ cryptocurrency transactions before sending them to their respective receivers; this is in other to break the direct link between the sender and the receiver. That way, tracing the coin’s origin and destination is more complex, improving confidentiality and privacy.

Randomize Transactions

Try as much as possible to randomize your transactions whenever you can or always. Avoid having to make a transaction at a specific time any time you want to make transactions. Also, avoid having to send the amount every time you make transactions. Avoid patterns in your transactions. This strategy, coupled with randomizing your Bitcoin addresses, is enough to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites unless they actively investigate you.


In today’s world, privacy invasion is a reoccurring problem that we can’t fix anytime soon. The best we can do is watch out for ourselves by employing privacy-enhancing strategies, some of which have been mentioned in this article. You can now utilize one or more of these to spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites. If your exchange platform doesn’t offer these privacy services, you can try our recommendation, PlasBit. They are a multipurpose cryptocurrency platform emphasizing convenience, financial freedom, and transparency. They also score a high point when it comes to security and privacy. They don’t use extensive KYC procedures, and when transacting with third-party, they do not share more than necessary. While they do not have a built-in Tor network, you can use VPN and change your address freely for transacting.

PlasBit also uses cold storage to secure client funds, which means your funds are stored offline; this is considered the best method for storing Bitcoin. PlasBit wallet is also multi-coin supported, with over 50 coins support, which means all these other coins are also available to be traded anonymously. Of course, this is our recommendation, feel free to try out other exchange platforms as well, but we based our recommendation on the fact that PlasBit delivers the complete package.

spend Bitcoin anonymously on websites